Sunday, May 21, 2006

Update on the Editing of THE REFLECTING STONE

I spent more time on choosing my next novel the past several days, and very little time working with THE REFLECTING STONE, so there is no significant progress to report. My goals for the coming week are:

Complete Goal/Complication/Resolution Table (for all scenes)
Revise the Dual Mythology

I hope to have these complete by next Sunday. These tasks will complete Phase One of the editing process. After a short break I will then work on Phase Two, which will involve looking over the Master Scene List and deciding whether I want to rewrite any scenes, changing the nature of the action, or the location, etc., to dramatize things better. I've kept a few notes as I've had ideas for this, but will go through it in depth when I'm ready and make decisions, creating a to-do list.


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