Sunday, January 17, 2010


I'm moving forward but slowly, since I needed to take more time to do some reading. There is a bit of material in this new WIP that requires research. I did some initial research in December but more was needed. It's very interesting, but I'm not allowing myself to dawdle in that fun -- I've been doing the minimum necessary, and am about done with it now. I look forward to getting back to the writing.

I did a LOT of editing of what I've already written (Chapters 1-3, plus part of Chapter 4). Word count is around 12k out of 60-65k. The existing material is very near to finished, unless I end up making story changes, which I hope I won't. I've planned and conceptualized in such a way that I have a good chance of preventing and avoiding that. The basic storyline is very solid and I'm following it easily. By getting this additional research done now, I'll be able to weave these elements into the story as needed rather than having to come back through and rewrite.

I'm not saying anything at all about this story other than it's "contemporary fantasy" and I'm really loving it. I'm swinging from the plot-side to the character-side of things to achieve a greater balance and loving that, too. I just picked up one of Sol Stein's books and look forward to getting into that eventually, once the story is moving forward again. I still have a chance to complete this manuscript by my self-imposed deadline of late this month ... must push on once I have the material I need.

With any luck, I'll start generating new text by this evening!

Wishing everyone else well with their WIP's,


Thursday, January 07, 2010

Solid New Story

The new story is coming along. Not nearly as quickly as I had hoped due to many and sundry distractions, but I have a solid footing. Current word count is around 11.6k (projected: 60-65k) and it's good stuff. I really like it. I'll keep it moving and not stop until the entire draft is done.

I planned enough to know the major plot points and the main ideas of the main suspense plot. I left open a lot of possibilities for the romantic subplot. That portion of the story has turned out to be much more engaging and lively than I had anticipated, which is great. It is helping make this story very character-driven, rather than settling for a plot-driven story.

I really like the dynamics in how the major characters interact. It's complex enough and it's unfolding step by step, so there's always a sense of mystery and anticipation.

This story would best be characterized as "contemporary fantasy". I won't comment at all on the details until this draft is finished. I'm editing as I go and the progress so far has been, as mentioned, very solid. I'll edit it all again when I finish the draft, but I have no plan at this point for a second draft. The goal is to finish this story and send it out pronto. I need to get something done and out the door! It's way overdue.

I'll still post soon on my "new way of working" that's working well for me at this point. Also, I've learned a new trick that's helping immensely. Not sure if I'll blog about that, though! ;-)

A toast to your own progress,