Friday, May 12, 2006

Took Yesterday Off, Will Write Later Today

I took Thursday off, the first day I have not written in two weeks. I tried to catch up on sleep but didn't have much success. I'm finding too many things to do these days and need to let up a little. I doubt they'd give me a membership card in the Slacker Society behaving the way I have. Shame on me. I slept for two hours, then later on I slept for another two hours, and that was it. That's really napping my way along, not sleeping. The second time I think the thunder was at fault. I have some vague memory of a loud explosion. The storm that careened through yesterday was very wild. Today there are trucks everywhere repairing power lines, and I've noticed an interruption to cell phone service as well. They predict rain on the weekend. That's good sleeping weather.

I'll start Chapter 12, the final chapter, later today or this evening or later tonight, whenever I manage to get to it. I will try to avoid the temptation to go back into Chapter 11 and change it. I'll save the changes for the editing process.

I was surprised to find yesterday that with only one day of not writing I was already getting a lot of ideas for the editing. I had thought it could take me a while after all the writing I've been doing to begin to get ideas for the editing, that somehow I would be creatively burned out or something, but in fact once I stopped existing in "writing mode", even just for one day, the ideas came rushing to the surface. I'm keeping them in mind (mental notes are fine for now, they all concern a few key points). I hope that feeling continues, because I'd like to jump right into editing after finishing Chapter 12 if I can. I had thought I'd take a week or two off after all this writing for the past seven months, but what the heck. If it's flowing, let it flow!


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