Saturday, November 25, 2006

Update on November

It's been longer than usual since I updated this blog. Sorry for the delay, but there wasn't much to comment on. I've been working very steadily and very hard on another creative project, as mentioned previously, which does not involve writing although it is related to my writing interests. It's been fascinating and lots of fun, and a nice change of pace, a chance to exercise other aspects of my creativity and take a refreshing break from the stress of writing/editing on a sustained basis. Unfortunately, I have been so preoccupied with this other project that I have done very little for Nano ... I really only wrote one time, about 2200 words, a good beginning, and the story is mapped out, but I never followed through and continued it. November is almost over, and unless I plan to write 10k words every day for 5 days, I see little chance of completing the 50k word goal for Nano within November -- and, frankly, I really don't care. My interests are elsewhere at the moment, and so although I thought I should jump in on the Nano-wagon, obviously my heart wasn't in it and the other project has been so fascinating I haven't concerned myself much about it. So, I made a "false start" on the other novel in that I haven't committed in practice to the follow-through, and that's fine with me.

The other project is nearing completion, having taken much more time and energy than I had anticipated, but I love what I'm creating and look forward to sharing it soon, in the coming weeks. As I finish up this other project, I will certainly return to writing, both the editing which is "ongoing" (until finished!) and the new novel which I sort of almost started. The break has been doing me good and I look forward to being back in writer-mode within December, in earnest.

Wishing everyone a happy and low-stress (if possible) holiday season. There is so much going on in the world and the potential for so much change ahead in the near future, I sometimes feel it is important to do whatever you want to do now (as a writer) because who knows what will be relevant anymore in just a few short years....