Friday, May 06, 2011

Writing & Reading

Still working on the story, doing a lot of fine-tuning. I came up with a second story, finished a complete draft and am letting that one sit while I go back to the first one. Sometime soon these will both be finished and I'll finally have something to share -- for real!

And I'm reading. I discovered a ton of great classic sci-fi on Project Gutenberg (check out their Collections and you'll find various genre lists). I downloaded 166 items and used Calibre to transfer them to my Kindle®. Tons of great stuff!

It seems my focus has shifted to shorter fiction for the time being -- and I'm happy about that. I'll work on producing some short stories and novellas, along with a couple of shorter novels, in the coming months. Shorter is better when you want to get something finished. After getting some stuff DONE and OUT THE DOOR (so to speak) then I'll have a sense of accomplishment which will fuel me as I go back to my longer epic fiction.

Wishing everyone a gorgeous Spring, and I'll let you know as soon as I have a completed story!