Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Making Progress in Chapter 10

95,000 words plus and counting. Writing in Chapter 10 in small pieces whenever I have a little time, but I know the layout of the chapter from the revised outline, so I have a sense of direction.

I'm letting the main character talk to people now about the deeper issues, starting that process of opening up the undercurrents, clarifying the issues, building toward the eventual climax which comes in the very next chapter already! It's a process of exploration and I know the main ideas, but I still feel I don't know what I'll end up discovering before it's over. I did learn one big new insight yesterday, something that might make it to the very last page of the novel! I'm seeing the story in new ways as I begin the wrapping up process of these final chapters. On track to have Chapter 10 done by this weekend, in which case with any luck I can piggy-back on that and finish Chapter 11 also this weekend, as long as I keep making progress during the week like this.

The end of this draft is getting near! The excitement is building! I'm already thinking about the editing to follow....


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Sue said...

WOW... this is so great. Keep going. You are so close. I'll have to check back more often... I don't want to miss the big moment.