Thursday, May 25, 2006

1st Version of New Chapter Descriptions Done

I was able to finish all 37 chapter descriptions yesterday for my new novel, HARRY VS. THE TRUCK. My new table definitely helped me to do that. No, it's not an oak table, nor a mahogany table, nor a stainless steel table. It's a word processing table, the kind that is of value and relevance to a writer. Read the previous posting for a sense of the kinds of information it prompts me to think about as I plan chapters.

The only concern I have with the plan for the new novel is that it becomes somewhat predictable. I certainly don't want that to happen! I'm focusing my thoughts on how to continue a plot at a certain point where the reader thinks he/she knows what is about to happen, but then what really happens next is a surprise, but it makes sense nonetheless in light of what has happened before in the plot. Coming up with such stuff requires unfettered creativity on the one hand, and creativity that is cognizant of what has gone before on the other hand.

I'll let the chapter descriptions sit for a day or two then I'll go back over them to see how it all ties together and whether I can use my imagination and its flights of fancy to create some surprising twists along the way. Don't know if I will succeed in that, but I'll do what I can. I think also the plot has a certain "dramatic need" -- the main character is on a certain path resolving internal and external conflicts, and certain scenes or events need to be there for that to fit together and make sense. Nonetheless, I don't want it to be entirely predictable!

As I let this sit, I will see whether I can get back to work on my previous novel, THE REFELCTING STONE. I need to compose the list of goals/complications/resolutions for each chapter of the complete draft that I finished recently. I don't mention that I finished it recently in order to brag that I actually finished a draft recently, something I already announced with fanfare and fireworks when it occurred (see archive for May for previous posting), but I mention it for the sake of visitors to this blog site who might not have been following along at that point.

As the planning for HARRY VS. THE TRUCK is now almost complete, I'm getting very excited all over again as I contemplate embarking on yet another draft!


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