Friday, February 20, 2009

INTERIM Progress

The new novel that just sort of happened, which I'm calling INTERIM here (the working title isn't much better, but the story's terrific), is moving along. It's now 20% done and the prose is either in final draft form or close to it. I'm editing a bit as I go. This is another one that's just falling into place. I'm really impressed with how strongly it started. I'd have to say it's my best writing yet, in terms of those qualities I'm trying to imbue my writing with from a writerly point of view. The story concept is also intriguing. The characters have definite personalities and there are real sparks flying (ie, conflict).

The distractions have persisted but hopefully things will begin to improve now and I'll have more time and focus to get more writing/editing done.

BTW, I missed the Amazon contest this year, but now that it's on my radar I'll definitely have it in mind when it rolls around next year. I will try hard to participate then, and also to finally send something out prior to then. I've certainly grown by leaps and bounds the past few years and the quality of my writing has gotten to a point where I feel it is commercial grade, at least the stuff I'm writing most recently. Certainly the story ideas always have been, but the challenge was to improve my writing in ways that I can deliver the necessary standard of prose on a consistent basis (ie, not writing a great read followed by a total flop, but writing good prose time and time again).

Anyhoo, best wishes to all other aspiring writers in elevating their prose to the desired levels, for which I recommend Evan Marshall's THE MARSHALL PLAN as a starting point.


Sunday, February 01, 2009

Working, Just Not Posting Much

Sorry to post so little these days, but I'm terribly busy and somewhat distracted, so the time I have available I am spending on my writing and editing rather than blogging.

I can mention by way of updates the following:
  • I printed out the JASPER novel in its entirety for the first time and am editing it from hard copy, promising myself not to make changes to the electronic document until after I have finished this hard copy step, which includes not only making changes to the printout but also rewriting (by hand) some pages, sections, or chapters as needed;

  • I have begun another story, which I'll call INTERIM for now, since it's appearing as an interlude between the editing of JASPER and resuming the writing of CHASM (the new story is another fantasy novel for younger readers, a way for me to work on the process through a shorter and simpler novel format before getting back to longer and more complicated stories);

  • I am holding off on CHASM temporarily but am keeping it in mind -- I want to make more headway first with JASPER because I know once I return to the writing of CHASM it will be a very involved and sustained effort.
Wow, that's a lot of sharing for what was supposed to be a 3-sentence posting! I'll post more as I have time, but the focus is on the work right now, not blogging about the work.

Wishing everyone else progress with their projects,