Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Am I Really a "Fantasy Writer"?

I do enjoy fantasy as a genre. I loved the Lord of the Rings, both the novels and the latest film version. I also enjoy reading the ancient myths, legends and sagas such stories are often based on. I also enjoy reading about the history of the cultures associated with these traditions.

I don't want to disappoint anyone but, although my current novel is a fantasy novel, I do not consider myself a "fantasy writer". If anything, I'm a "gay/lesbian" writer by category.

THE REFLECTING STONE, my current project, is the only fantasy novel I've thought of writing. I might write another one down the line. If THE REFLECTING STONE is published one day and proves successful, I would certainly explore the possibility of a series of fantasy novels with a gay protagonist. Thus, I am open to writing more fantasy over time, but it is not the only genre that I work with.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I have over a dozen other novels that I've worked on over the past decade plus. I still intend to finish them now that I've worked out the technical problems I was having with plot and process which invariably stalled my work. None of those other novels are in the fantasy category. Looking over my many novel ideas, the only category that would really embrace them all is the "gay/lesbian" category, since they include mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, horror, gritty real-life drama, romantic adventure, and "general" or mainstream plot lines.

Now, back to work! I have pages to write and only so many hours till the dawn....



sue said...

Hello Adrian,

Just a quick note letting you know that I've linked to this entry over in today's entry in my blog.

Oh and I've added your blog to the Notable Links page.


Adrian Swift said...

I read your blog entry on what kind of writer one is, and your comments were very interesting. It made a lot of sense when you wrote that when you write a children's book you are a "children's author", but when you write a fantasy book you are a "fantasy writer." I agree with you: we put on different hats.

When I wrote my posting, I was thinking of the way publishers market writers. We become brands, our names associated with certain types of products ("Stephen King" = "horror"). In terms of doing the actual work of writing, I agree that we become whatevever type of writer we need to be in order to write the current story. Flexibility is a strength.

Interesting insight!

Adrian Swift said...

If visitors to this site would like to read Sue's posting, you will find it here.

There is also a link to Susan Flemming's blog under "Other Writers" in the sidebar of the main page!