Saturday, May 27, 2006

Coming Soon: TIPS & TRICKS

Sometime soon, as soon as I have the time for it, I'll be launching my new blog, TIPS & TRICKS, a place to share details of the process I use to write a novel.

In this blog, CHRONICLING THE NOVEL, I am reporting on my actual progress, sharing the ups and downs, the weekly goals, and what I'm learning or dealing with along the way. This blog is the "experience of doing it" blog. The TIPS & TRICKS blog will be more like a reference of generic information for writers, to-do lists, checklists, step-by-step explanations, examples of my tables, etc.

I'll eventually put links in postings in this blog to information I give in detail in the TIPS & TRICKS blog for those who want to read more about the how-to of it all. If I can figure out a way to provide files for download online through Blogger, then I'll also put sample files of tables, spreadhseets, etc., that I use there for download for free in case they are of use to other writers.



Suresh said...

I am looking forward to your "Tips and Tricks' blog. You have worked out a lot of good processes which I am sure will help other aspiring novelists.

Adrian Swift said...

Suresh, I am very happy to share. A number of published novelists put great resources on their web sites for other aspiring novelists. If you haven't already, check out the links I have in the sidebar of the main page. There are some links to articles and the Snowflake Method also happens to parallel more or less what I worked out on my own this past year.

I have not yet been published, but am happy to share what I have learned. I look forward to launching the TIPS & TRICKS blog as soon as I can. Good luck to you with your writing!