Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Still Working!

I'm still working, even though this is the time of year when I usually have so many other "distractions" that my writing time diminishes. I refuse to quit, to set the work aside. I'm much too close! Soon I'll have my first completed piece to share with the world. I'm very excited.

Summer is already here, seemingly ahead of schedule. The days are getting painfully hot and the humidity is ratcheting up. Like last year, we are expecting a hot summer. I'm not one for hot weather!

To keep cool, I made two liters of sun tea yesterday, using a large jug of bottled spring water I bought for only a dollar. I removed a little water from the jug then set the tea bags in it. When I screwed the lid back on it, it held them in place. I set it out in the sun all day and it brewed "naturally", making a smoother tea. I used decaffeinated green tea, and it tastes great. I keep it in the fridge, serve it cold and drink it plain, but it's nice with honey, too. Since it's decaffeinated, I can drink it at any hour and that's convenient. When the jug's empty I'll recycle it. This is the easiest way I've found to make sun tea and it works great--nothing to clean up afterward!

I've started work on a new, long-term project, a fantasy novel that combines historical and fantasy elements. I'm giving myself a year to research it before I start writing it--that's the most research I've ever taken on for a specific project. It's necessary in this case and the subject matter is utterly fascinating to me. The novel is based on a super-cool idea. It has a super-awesome title and great potential if I can deliver. I think I can and I'm willing to try.

In the meantime, I'm still editing my current stories and they'll be done sometime soon. I'll let you know once I can set a release date. first release date!

Enjoy your summer, and keep on writing!