Thursday, May 04, 2006

Nearing 100,000 Mark!

Word count now stands at 97,815! Getting s-o-o-o-o-o close to the 100k mark! (Completed word count goal is 120,000.) Chapter 10 is over 5,000 words at the moment. I know the key scenes and events of this chapter, but a lot of it depends on the interaction of the characters, and I'm not sure how I want that to be in the final version, so for now I'm just bringing them together and letting them talk and I'm discovering what things they have to say to each other. This chapter will certainly need a lot of editing to hone it down to the really important stuff, but I can't focus it now since I'm not sure what that is, exactly. "I'll know it when I see it." So, for now, it's a chance for characters to hang out together and socialize as they work toward the key points of the chapter. I'm playing "explorer". I enjoy each "gem" as I come across it.

On track with progress. Doing better than last week keeping the writing up during the week. If I can finish Chapter 10 by the start of the weekend, then I can do Chapter 11 during the weekend, and after that there is only Chapter 12!


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Sue said...

Hello Adrian,

Just checking back to see how things have been going. You must be well over the 100,000 word mark by now, but I just wanted to stop by and write a few words of encouragement.

Wishing you well, hoping the words are flowing and the conclusion is falling into place.