Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Now in Chapter 11 -- ?!

Sounds funny, but I'm now in Chapter 11!

I mean Chapter 11 of the novel, of course. As I mentioned in my last posting, I felt the scene at the end of Chapter 10 missed the mark. That same scene continues into the first part of Chapter 11. Well, I worked yesterday on that scene, finishing the Chapter 11 portion, and it got much, much better. It now works like I had hoped. This scene is important because it is the scene that sets off the chain of events that leads directly to the final confrontation and climax which will appear at the end of Chapter 11. I am finding I have a lot to work with as this builds to the climax, and there should be no shortage of material to draw from to fix up the end of Chapter 10. So, I feel a lot better about that!

The current word count for Chapter 11 is 3,392 words (out of 10,000).


I think it will get easier now that I am over the hump. Act III has been set in motion. I have two more scenes to write in Chapter 11: one to show preparations for the final confronation, then the scene of the final confrontation (=climax). After that, Chapter 12 will contain the falling action and resolution. That's the part I'm most looking forward to, rather than the climax, because it's where I get to bring out the final meaning of things.

Will keep working through the week, like I did last week. With the end so near, my excitement is building. Now that I got over the hump, I see this getting easier and faster. I'll finish Chapter 11 by Sunday night (5/14). My deadline for Chapter 12 is the following Sunday (5/21). However, with any luck, I'll get them done ahead of schedule!



Sue said...

Hello Adrian,

I'm smiling here and enjoying your excitement as I've read back through your last three posts. I think you were wise, in that you took time over the weekend for reflection and visualizing the various endings. It certainly seems to have been just what you needed to do because I see that you're forging ahead again.

And I can only imagine how satisfying it must be to know that the end is well within your grasp and your long held dream is coming true.

In your final line of this entry you said... "with any luck"... I know it's just a saying and I do wish you luck, but I don't think luck has much to do with it what you have been and will achieve... you have created this, you have maintained your momentum and perservered. And that truly is inspiring to watch, even from afar.


Adrian Swift said...

Thanks for your comment, Sue! It is exciting, that's for sure.

I started writing seriously in 1992. Thirteen years later I started this novel (back in 2005). That's quite a learning curve!

If the actual writing during that time were condensed, it would be more like 5 years of ongoing, significant work. I wrote off and on, mostly on at first, then it tapered off and was less frequent, generally due to career demands getting in the way. However, I didn't quit, and periodically would put in a few months of hard work.

I've also read dozens of books on writing, taken classes, and taken part in writing groups. Finally it's all coming together!

After the editing process, when this manuscript is finished and boxed up and I'm ready to send it out, I'll be sure to celebrate! That will be one big milestone, considering the years it has taken to get there.


Adrian Swift said...

Just did the math and realized it was actually 1991 when I started writing seriously -- that makes 14 years of trying before I finally got there! At least I finally did.