Thursday, June 21, 2007

Novel Description Completed

I completed the description of the novel and put the pages for it online, but I'm sharing it only with the registered writers right now for their feedback. Once it's had a chance to "settle" and get feedback, I'll make any changes as needed then post a link here and on the main PWP site to those pages, making them available to everyone.

I can tell you the following:

The story concerns a young maiden named Willa who lives in a poor village in the hills. An evil Queen named Orlantha has taken over the kingdom. Willa meets Faxon, a young man who is a member of the resistance movement. Faxon enlists Willa's help in a plan that goes terribly wrong. Willa is devastated but stays in the fight to make things right. In the end, she must learn to use magic in her struggle to depose the evil Queen. She must also learn she cannot take the whole weight of the world on her shoulders.

Now, I'm going to take a break from the PWP until the feedback comes in, and get back to work on my novel!

Best wishes to other aspiring writers,



RomanceWriter said...

I don't really read fantasy but if the story is written well I will give any novel a try.

Is there any romance, even undertones of it, between Willa and Faxon? Cause that would also bring in more readers.

Best of lucky with PWP.

Adrian Swift said...

Romance Writer,

thanks for your comment. Yes, there is an attraction between Willa and Faxon that is immediate. I did not fully develop the romance aspect in the basic description of the story, but there is plenty of room for it. I opened the door to it, and individual writers can develop that more fully as they see fit.

I'll consider whether to add more about their relationship in the description, or leave it as-is. If I develop it further, it would be to tie their relationship in to the process by which Willa figures out what she needs to know in order to do what she needs to do by the end of the story. In other words, have Faxon play a more direct role in helping her reach her potential, challenging her along the way. This is already suggested, but the connection could be made plainer. On the other hand, leaving it up to the individual writer to work it out would allow writers to develop the characters' personalities and manner of interaction in a way that works best for them, while still following the main suspense plot.

I agree that different aspects of the story can help draw in different types of readers and writers. It is a fantasy story, but there is also romance, and magic, and fight scenes/battle scenes, etc.