Sunday, June 10, 2007

Creative Commons License Now On PWP Site

I finally had time to get the Creative Commons license information together and post it to the PWP web site. This resulted in the need to change a few other pages to reflect the new information. Details available on the PWP web site under the current News Flash (June 10, 2007).

I also upgraded the Text Viewer once more. The Text Viewer now displays the News Flashes when you first open it, along with a new feature called the "Scroll of Inspiration". The idea is for registered writers to contribute quotes or images which they find inspirational. They can do this at any time as the Parallel Writing Project progresses. The stuff on there now is just a beginning.

With these latest changes, the Start Page and the Text Viewer are pretty much DONE. (Yippee!)

Now, the only significant tasks remaining are to develop the hypothetical novel and the 12 challenges, and to take some time to promote the PWP to grow the list of registered writers.

Still not sure of a start date. It will depend on progress on the sign-up of writers.

This really is a cool opportunity to hone writing skills. I think the effect of writing scenes alongside other writers -- the same scenes told in your own way -- will be a powerful experience, a chance to see how other writers tackle the very same writing challenges. I'm very excited about it and hope plenty of writers and readers get involved to make this project a success.

PS -- I have been working on the next set of 3 Tips & Tricks articles for my web site. I had hoped to post them on Friday morning but missed my deadline: I've been too busy finishing the PWP site to complete them. I'll finish them soon and will post them this coming Friday, and will try again to post each new set of articles on a weekly basis, putting them online Friday mornings.



Susan Flemming said...

I've heard of Creative Commons before but it's something that I hadn't really done any research on and wasn't sure how it worked. But it does seem to be a good way to handle a project of this nature.

I had a thought about one way to let other writers know about the project... are you a member of the writing community called Absolute Write? If not... membership is free and once you join you could post info about The Parallel Writing Project in their Announcements.

Gabriele C. said...

Good luck with you project.

I've enough stuff to write so I don't need extra scenes to keep me busy (and I can post in my online crit group if I need feedback), but I think it's a cool idea for writers who don't have to juggle a dozen plotbunnies. Or write faster. :)

RomanceWriter said...

I will link to PWP.

Good luck with it.

Adrian Swift said...


Nice hearing from you! Yes, the CC License seems a good approach -- essentially I'm putting the hypothetical novel out there for people to use and am only asking that they give me a nod if they actually complete and publish a novel based on or inspired by my original story. No monetary compensation of any kind. Anybody is welcome to use it, too, not just those actually taking part in the PWP (provided they acknowledge the source).

And thanks for the tip -- you are always full of good advice and insights and I always appreciate your sharing them with me. I will be sure to check out Absolute Write and other forums that I can find -- does anybody else know any forums I should check out? I would enjoy joining some since that's something I haven't done much of, except for taking part in Nano one year, which was great, and it would also allow me to share the news about the PWP. My own searches haven't always netted me much. It seems there is a lack where I had expected an abundance, or I'm not searching properly.


I'm glad you're back! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I'm very happy that you got to see and do so many interesting things. I've been recording a lot of ancient and medieval stuff off the History Channel, and History International, and I'm hoping to delve into some in-depth reading on the Middle Ages soon, too. I bought three books on the subject a few months ago and haven't had time to get into them yet.

Sorry you won't be taking part, but I understand. It would be a lot of fun to have you in the mix, since I know what a quality writer you are. Let me know if you decide to link to the PWP site so I can add you to the list of Supporters on that site, a way of saying thank you.


Thank you so much for adding the link! I really appreciate it! I will update the list of Supporters shortly and include a link to your site.

This is such a cool idea, and I think there is so much we can learn through this particular approach. I'm sure all those who take part will find some way to benefit. Thanks for supporting that.