Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Would You Help Pass the Word?

I think the Parallel Writing Project can be a very useful tool to help writers learn and grow through focused writing challenges and helpful feedback. It's like a writing group, but without the need to drive somewhere and meet up in person, which can be difficult with busy schedules.

I do hope that other writers, and fantasy writers in particular, will jump on board. The train will be leaving the station soon (start date to be announced). I don't want to leave anybody behind that would enjoy taking part.

I hope my blog readers will support this project either by taking part or by passing along the word about it. If you take part in any forums, please let others know, and feel free to provide a link:


You can also use the following banner:

To add this banner to your blog or web site:

1. Save the image above (right-click, "Save Image") as "invitation.jpg".

2. Add the following HTML code to your blog template or web site. There should be no space after the first or second lines--it all runs together.

IF YOU DO PROVIDE A LINK, let me know -- I'll add a link back to your site on a page thanking Supporters in the PWP site! A little extra promotion for your own site, blog, or the forum where you participate.

Let me say "THANKS!" to anyone who helps promote the Parallel Writing Project!

And if you haven't already, please check out the web site and see for yourself what it's all about.



Adrian Swift said...


I'll make some more banners in different sizes and colors and post them on the PWP web site tomorrow, to give people more choices to match their own color schemes.

You'll find the Banners page under "Participants" on the web site.

Debra Young said...

I linked the site in my blog roll but can't figure out how to get the image link on to my Wordpress page. d:)

Adrian Swift said...

Thanks, Debra!

You're new blog is very aesthetically appealing (as was your last blog).

I haven't tried WordPress yet, so I don't know how it works or how to display images with it. Even just providing a link, or blogging about the PWP, spreads the word, and I'm grateful for your support for this worthwhile project.

Thank you very much!