Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Beta Version 4.0!

I thought I was going to get back to my novel already, but seeing the need to further develop the PWP site I decided to keep at it until it's done.

I made another very significant step forward yesterday. I revamped the Text Viewer so you can view texts by author or by writing challenge, reorganized the system for filekeeping, and added the "Legal" Stuff" and "Participants" sections to the main menu of the Start Page. I liked what I did the day before so much I thought I should extend that format (the green submenu). The Start Page is now pretty much done except for the Creative Commons License, which I haven't had time to go fetch yet. I think the Text Viewer is done now, too, except I need to set up a bunch of blank pre-formatted files to be ready for the eventual submissions.

Much is done, some still to do. Back to work!


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