Thursday, June 07, 2007

PWP Beta Version 5.0

I managed to get the next and hopefully last significant upgrade online this morning for the Parallel Writing Project web site, bringing it up to Beta Version 5.0.

If you check out the Text Viewer now (the place where you would read the scenes for each challenge), you will find the Viewer can accommodate 12 scenes (1-12) by 26 authors (A-Z). I think that's a good limit to establish.

Currently, the idea is to have writers turn in new scenes once every two weeks. At that rate, that would mean 2 scenes per month, and 6 months to complete the 12 scenes. It may be more desirable to increase the rate to once a week, or 4 per month, in which case it would take 3 months to complete the 12 scenes. I think there should be a definite end point to the project, and 12 scenes seems like a good number, adequate to cover the major points in the storyline. If there are more writers, then less often is better for submissions. If there are fewer authors, then weekly would work out okay, if people prefer that option.

My next main task is to create the storyline and the challenges, then put that information online. That might take 1-3 days. I'll keep you posted. If anyone wants to share ideas, let me know by email.

Please check out the Parallel Writing Project web site, if you haven't done so already, and if you have, please check out the new version of the Text Viewer! Now you can see what it will really be like.

And...any help in spreading the word about this exciting project is greatly appreciated!




Adrian Swift said...

Regarding Linking to the Site:

The site moved, and the new address if you wish to link directly to the Start Page of the PWP, is:

Or, simply link to my main entry page:

I plan to leave the PWP at its present location, so it should be safe if you link directly to it from this point forward.

Sorry for any inconvenience!


Susan Flemming said...

Hello Adrian,

Just wanted to let you know that I've got the post up on my blog about your new website and The Parallel Writing Project.

Adrian Swift said...

Thank you, Susan!

I really appreciate your helping get the word out about the PWP.

I'll be sure to add your site to the list of Supporters that link to the PWP. That list is posted under "Supporters" in the "Participants" menu of the PWP site.

I'll also add you to the list of writers! Glad you'll be taking part.