Saturday, June 16, 2007

Was Offline A Few Days

I was offline the past few days since I hurt my back again. I have to stop doing that! It's much better, but the medicine threw me for a loop. Anyway, it feels good to be getting busy again.

I managed to complete about 50% of the work on the hypothetical novel this past week before I had to take time off from anything non-essential. If I hadn't injured myself, I would certainly have finished the complete novel. (Grr....)

The story, to me, is really quite interesting. I think others will find it interesting, too. I certainly hope so!

I went with a female protagonist and antagonist, a first for me, and an opportunity to stretch and try something new (we'll leave the personal jokes aside). I'm working out a detailed synopsis, chapter by chapter. It is not essential to read the synopsis -- the other pages of notes, noticeably briefer, are adequate to prepare one to write the scenes -- but it would probably help to get a better sense of the story concept as it plays out, and how the characters develop, especially for writers who prefer more rather than less detail.

I will share the information about the novel soon. I'll share it with the registered writers first, for their feedback. Once I'm satisfied it's solid, I'll share it with everyone.

Then, I'll get the actual challenges done. I was debating whether to share all this information up front or not, but I don't see the harm in doing so. There could be a value in sharing it only with the registered writers first, then revealing it to the Readers as we put each challenge online, then finally sharing everything with everyone once the project is complete, but I don't see the need to put such a limit on it. There is probably more value in putting it all online as soon as it's available, to give people time to think about it, and potential writers to see the reality of it, which might help them decide whether to join. If anybody has any thoughts or insights, anything I'm missing, please let me know, either way.

Wishing everyone ein schoenes Wochenende ("a nice weekend" in German, in honor of Gabriele Germanica's safe return from her travels,


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