Monday, June 04, 2007


The Parallel Writing Project (hereinafter "PWP") is growing quickly. After putting up the Beta Version, before the launch of my web site, I have managed to revamp the Beta Version and create the foundation for the actual site. If you visit it now, with the most recent additions from today, you will see Beta Version 3.0!

The PWP site is linked to from the "entry page" to my new web site, a generic page that you can use to reach any of the stuff I'll put on the web site (the PWP isn't the only project up my sleeve!). When you arrive at the "entry page", you can click the image and enter my actual web site, or click on any other links to go directly to specific projects. Right now, the PWP is the only project available (another one is in the pipeline for the next few months).

Once you reach the PWP site, you will see a logo in the top left corner, with a menu below it. The links open messages in the main portion of your screen. There is a welcome message, a News Flash, the Rules, Submission Guidelines, etc., all from the original Beta Version but edited and developed somewhat more.

The latest addition is the link labeled "ABOUT THE CHALLENGES". When you click this link, it opens a new menu in a green panel with links to information about the actual challenges. This is where you learn about the Hypothetical Novel, Challenge Scenes, and more details about submissions, comments and the schedule. This new information will give you a more detailed sense of what the project is all about, what the reality of participating in it will (hopefully) be.

The next things I'm working on:

Posting information about the Creative Commons license for the hypothetical novel and challenge scenes.

Developing the storyline of the hypothetical novel and writing the descriptions of the challenge scenes.

Adding a little more to the PWP site, including a place to list the writers who are participating and provide links to their blogs/sites, and a place to list the supporters (readers and others) who have links to the PWP site, providing links to their sites as well (cross-polination is a good thing, as beekeepers will tell you).

Upgrading the Text Viewer to allow you to read all the submissions by author or by writing challenge (this will enable you to maintain continuity in reading successive submissions by the same author).

Upgrading the Text Viewer to feature the News Flashes and also a comic or quote as a source of encouragement or inspiration (as if anybody needs encouragement or inspiration with all that's going on in the world today).

Finally, as all the pieces come together in the next week or two, it's important to get the word out. Thanks to Romance Writer who has already linked to my new site, and to Susan Fleming who will soon post about the PWP on her blog.

I'll post more in the days ahead, keeping you informed as this AWESOME, COOL, EXCITING project comes together and we get ready to actually start!

It's not too early to sign up: just send me an email to let me know you'd like to take part. I think you will be happy you did.

Best wishes to everyone else on their writing and writing-related activities,


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