Sunday, April 29, 2007


A couple of quick updates to share with you.


I added some entries to my TIPS & TRICKS blog, offering some very important tips and questions to ask yourself that can help anyone struggling with plot and character development.

This blog is best read in reverse order -- in other words, start with the oldest (first) entry, and read backward, in the order in which things were actually posted. Of course, you can also skim along and read whatever catches your eye in whatever order you come to it. One day before too terribly long I will create a web site and organize this information, and add to it, so that it is presented in a clearer fashion. Blogs are not really the best venue for this sort of information.


Susan Flemming was able to find the original posting by the blogger who actually started the whole THINKING BLOGGER AWARD meme. She has updated her blog with her own posting after receiving the award, and has included the link there.

I include it here as well in case anyone is curious to see it. I was. I'm glad the person started the meme. It certainly made me think about what blogs have a real value to me, on what basis I think that, helped spur me on to seek additional blogs out there that can make me think, and helped me to recognize some quality blogs by quality people when I made my own posting about this.


Dawn said...

Off topic, but just want to say thank you for suggesting the Snowflake method over on bsolah's blog. I hadn't heard of it but have just finished reading about it and believe it is exactly what I need right at this moment.

Thank you.

Adrian Swift said...

No problem with being on or off topic! Just glad to hear from you, to know that my posting on Benjamin's site was of use to you.

I had worked out my own method which was very similar to that, and then after all that work to develop it I discovered the Snowflake Method when it was shared on the forums during Nanowrimo one year. That's life.

The important thing is to do what works for you, whatever it is. It is helpful, though, to see what others do, and try new things. Hope you find it beneficial!

Good luck with your writing.