Friday, April 27, 2007

11k = Personal Record!

I just realized I set what might be my personal record last night: 11,000 words written in one writing session! (About four hours writing time.)

That's 2750 words per hour, or 45-46 words per minute sustained for four hours.

Of course, I took breaks here or there, so at times I was moving a little more quickly and at other times not moving at all.

I know I had written 7k and 9k previously. This is the first time I've reached 11k, as far as I know. Wow! Practice makes for productivity!

I'll toast to that!



Susan Flemming said...

WOW... that is amazing!!

I count myself lucky if I can get the words flowing at a rate of 500 words per hour.

So I'll say it again... WOW!!

(If I knew how to do it, I'd put those little dancing smilies here)

Debra Young said...

I'll second that WOW! Happy Friday, Adrian! d:)

Benjamin Solah said...

That's pretty impressive, especially given that I'm aiming for 500 a day and it's just not happening.

Keep up the awesome work.

Adrian Swift said...

Thank you each for sharing your comments. I'm really happy to see progress on the page. I'm so eager to get this novel done, after working on it for about a year and a half now. I want to finish it, send it out, and get to work on the next one. So, I'm pushing hard to make progress where and when I can.

Best wishes for your continued progress with your own writing!