Saturday, April 28, 2007

Chapter 30, 81k

Hoo-hah! A marathon session. Stayed up all night. This story is so fascinating, I just can't put it down. So much of the heart of the story is coming out right now.

I wrote for a span of probably nine hours. During that time I think I churned out about 25,000 words. That comes to 2777 words per hour, similar to my output the other day when I was on a roll. That's about 46 words per minute sustained output for nine straight hours non-stop, although in real terms of course I did take breaks. I actually worked over a span of about 10 hours, with an hour off for breaks.

I just couldn't stop myself. The story has me in its grips.

I'm technically doing the second draft, but since I have changed plot details around, it feels more like a first draft at this point. Some of it is loose, but some of it is tight, and some of it is darned good stuff that I'm really happy with. It'll certainly take a bit of work to tighten up the loose parts.

At the start of this past week, I was at Chapter 10 and 27k. That means I wrote twenty chapters this past week, and 54,000 words.

Okay, I'm now officially a writing maniac!

Feels good. Hope I'm inspiring someone else out there to see what they can do if they pull all the stops.

Best wishes while I can still see clearly enough to type it,


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Benjamin Solah said...

Wow, that is insane. You're just pumping words out at the speed a competent reader can digest a novel.

Keep up the good work; I'm trying to get going.