Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Chapter 6, 13k

Took some days off as I needed a break -- was burning the candle at both ends for a little too long, and getting very fatigued. The rest helped. Used the time to let my mind wander. I rethought the novel and the series, reviewed ideas I'd already established, added to the ideas, shored them up with more ideas that tie it all together. Used my imagination to imagine scenes, explore how things are now fitting together after changes over the past couple of months. It's good. Real progress.

I also tinkered with the text and edited, tightened, added more to it. I even took a short break from the text of the rewrite to let it cool and then took a fresh look back at what I had been working on. I was planning to condense more, but when I reread last night I was quite happy with what I had written. What's there needs to be there, at least for now. Can't shorten too much or the story loses its essential fabric.

It's always slow for me at the start, then I gain momentum. As I've said before, I like to feel I have a solid foundation before taking off for the mad dash to the end. I think I have enough of that foundation now that I can shift my attention to moving forward.

Back to work! And, wishing everyone else success with their work!



RomanceWriter said...

Good luck!

I know it can be hard getting back in to the groove but it will happen.

Wynn Bexton said...

well I took a couple of days off too, one reason was I was beginning to feel brain-fried. And the other was because my neck, shoulders and eyes have been bothering me because I'm working at an angle. So I went and bought a flat-screen monitor so I can rearrange my work space (get rid of the big one which doesn't fit) and I've noticed since I took time off feeling less achy and tense.
Did spend time studying my Greek lessons, writing a couple of new short blogs and probably tomorrow will be ready to launch into the novel again. I have several pages of notes waiting to work from.
Good luck with yours.

Adrian Swift said...

Thanks to each of you for your comments! Yes, sometimes we need a break, a chance to catch our breath, to keep from overdoing and burning out.

This past week my routine changed a bit; I had a lot of other stuff come up, and the free time I did have was not quality time. I was far too tired to do much. It's terrible to sit down to write and then find yourself dozing off!

I did work on Chapter 7, brainstorming a bit and exploring the characters. I'll want to rewrite that before continuing.

My interest and enthusiasm for the story have not waned; it's just a lack of time and energy due to other things. Hopefully this week I'll be able to get back into the groove of things and resume work in earnest.

I'm very eager to make progress and wrap up Act I. I shuffled things around so the first half of Act II is going to be a new adventure in the writing of it even though it's the same basic story, and I'm eager to see what it looks like on paper.

There were some scenes I envisioned but did not write in the first draft. I can now see adding them in, and it'll be fun to see what some of that stuff does for the story, fleshing it out and building a richer atmosphere.

My fingers are tingling with excitement, eager to write!

Gabriele C. said...

I've been reading more than writing those last days.

Though reading really good books can be a bit frustrating at times. ;)

Susan Flemming said...

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I replied to your comment on my blog and if you're still interested, I'd like to read your suggestions for that piece I posted. As I mentioned in my reply... to get things started, just drop me a note through my "Contact Me" page so we can keep our e-mail addresses private and away from the spam bots.

And regarding your blog... it was interesting to note that even though you took a break from actually physically working on your books, you were still working on your books. :o)

This happens to me too. I may not be putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), but scenes are still taking shape in my mind, being rewound, replayed, revised and rethought.

Adrian Swift said...

Thanks, Gabriele and Susan, for your comments.

I've been reading, too. I found the "classics" section at the local library and realized there are many books I've heard about all my life but never read. I checked out three of them a week ago and am almost finished with the first one. I'm thinking of starting a fourth blog to chronicle my reading, giving my reaction as a writer to what are supposed to be "good" books from a literary perspective.

And yes, it can be frustrating, seeing how well someone else can write, but at the same time I take heart. If they can do it, it's possible, and if I keep working at it, I'll improve. And, nobody's perfect.

Anyway, hope to be rolling in the word counts again real soon!

Best wishes to everyone else whether reading or writing or a little of both!