Monday, April 23, 2007

Chapter 10, 27k

Yes, the word count is beginning to surge, and golly, that just happens to coincide with the point at which I am moving forward more quickly! The rapider I go, the wordier I get . . . .

I threw caution to the wind and I'm not sure yet what the wind blew back on my face, but after I clean it off I'll try resist the urge to go back and edit what I wrote. I'm in Chapter 11 already, and will finish it tonight. That will mark the end of Act I.

It feels good to make more rapid progress, but I long for the sense of polished text. Wish I could have it both ways at the same time. I know, I'll just have to wait and then I can edit later. Okay. I'll wait. Grr . . . .

I'm still excited about getting into the first half of Act II. That'll be something new, a revised version that will involve many new scenes I have never written before. I'll go where I've never gone. Hopefully I won't get lost. My map is pretty good.

Back to work,


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