Saturday, March 24, 2007

Rough Stuff & New Blogs

Rough Stuff:

I wrote Chapter 2, then it grew, then I cut it in two . . . .

Wait a minute, this wasn't supposed to rhyme! Anyhoo . . . .

[Ouch. My keyboard shocked me. Getting its revenge.]

Chapter 2 is now 3 chapters long, which means I have stuff labeled as chapters up through chapter 4, but of course I really only have Chapter 1, which I had written previously, and 3 chapters worth of some pretty rough stuff. The good side of this is that I've dived in and explored the characters and their personalities, motivations, etc., in more depth than before. The challenging side of this is weeding it out, pruning it, getting it down to one or two solid chapters instead of three loose accumulations of, well, whatever that stuff is. I like what is happening so far with this rewrite. I have much more control in the sense that I know the story well by now, but also I am "discovering" much more depth to what is already there. It's like I'm getting "the rest of the story" now. That's cool.

New Blogs:

I added four new blogs to the list of WRITERS' BLOGS (see the sidebar). I found them on the index list, AUTHORS BLOGS, which has grown substantially in the past few months. When I joined that list last Fall it was much shorter. I was absolutely amazed at how much it has grown. I think it's ten times longer now than when I last viewed it. The new blogs are wriers who identified themselves either as gay or as working in the fantasy genre. Glad there is such a convenient way for published and aspiring writers who blog to learn about one another.

The four new ones on my list are:

The Broken Quill (published author, Erik Buchanan, of Canada)
The Maze of My Mind (aspiring writer, Paul Westdorp, of USA)
MYPAJAMA.COM (aspiring writer with a long name I can't spell easily, of India)
Thom Jaymes (published author of erotic gay fiction, of USA)

I don't read nearly as many blogs as some others do, and I only read blogs related to writing. I guess I just don't spend much time online! I prefer to use my time writing. Speaking of which . . . .

Back to work!



Thom Jaymes said...

Thank you so much for the link to my blog. I wish you much success!

- Thom

Adrian Swift said...

Thank you for stopping by, Thom! I'm happy to provide a link to your blog. Best wishes for your own continued success!

Erik Buchanan said...

Thanks for the link, Adrian. Good luck on your novel.

Adrian Swift said...

Erik, you're quite welcome. Congratulations and best wishes as your new novel comes out this May-June!

Other visitors to this site should check out Erik's site, The Broken Quill, and read about his intriguing new fantasy novel, SMALL MAGICS, which will be available on Amazon June 15th!

It's inspiring to know people actually do finish novels and their novels actually do get published!