Saturday, March 03, 2007


Although I didn't manage to keep up the fast pace that this week started out with, I did keep at it and do what I could, when I could, and now I'm up to 90k. I'm nearing the turning point that marks the end of Act II.

The story is almost writing itself at this point. I only have a little thinking to do at certain points, but otherwise there is enough momentum from what has gone before to carry it forward. I am following the outline, but only in terms of shooting for and reaching main plot points. I also draw from the earlier detailed scene notes I made, but only as a resource. I also follow inspiration as it strikes, and it's striking a lot.

I can see additional layers now that I am not writing during this draft. I am focused here on the main movement through the story, the key events, the broader emotions and motivations. There is much subtlety that I am aware of but am not depicting consistently. I think it's just a level of detail that is too much to capture right now as I move quickly through this first draft. I can see writing a second draft, developing those nuances. I do want the "rest" of the story to be there in the final manuscript. As they say, stories are layered, built up one layer at a time.

I'll spend today playing tourist, doing some sightseeing, taking a break after all the nasty winter weather. There are causes to celebrate which have nothing to do with my writing, but I think while enjoying the day I'll also make it a point to celebrate the past weeks' progress. I did good this week.

Worth a toast, at least.



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RomanceWriter said...

You sound like you are in a great place, writing wise. You are on that writer's high that I love so much. Lucky guy!

Have a great weekend.