Thursday, March 08, 2007


Back into the swing of it. Currently just before the final climactic scene. I will write a chapter for the main conflict, possibly two if it carries over and there's a suspsenseful breaking point, then one or two chapters to tie things up, and it'll be done.

Feeling good that I can finish a story that I start! After so many years of trying, that means a lot.

Looking forward to the final words on the last page . . . .



Wynn Bexton said...

Good for you. I've spent far too many hours of precious writing time trying to scan photos with my new scanner (without too much luck so far.) They won't publish my article without them. And more hours farting away with icky picky stuff required for some travel article submissions on line (neither of these publications pay)
I'll be so glad to get back to the novel!

writerwoman said...

So very excited for you!

Do me a favor, after you write The End find a way to celebrate. It's a huge accomplishment to finish a novel and you should really be proud.

Have a great weekend,


Adrian Swift said...

Wynn, hope you got the scanner to cooperate! It's not fun feeling tied up with other stuff when you really want to write. It's great though that you're getting your articles out there and constantly adding to the list of stuff you've done.

Writerwoman, thanks. Yes, it does feel good, now that it's done. A definite sense of elation. I may toast this for a week. Tonight over an Italian Merlot....

Thank goodness for progress! Makes us feel like we're moving forward or something.