Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Had a lovely weekend. We're back to the cold weather this week, so I'm happy I took the time to enjoy the better weather while we had it.

I worked in a few writing sessions and managed to bring the word count up to 96k. The word count really doesn't mean anything, since I'm planning on a total rewrite, but it is a sign of progress. I'm into Act III now, turning all the corners toward the final home stretch. I want to wrap this draft up in no more than 120k words. Hope to have it done within the next few days.

Then, I'll reflect on how it went, make some notes for the rewrite, and set it aside for later.

At that point, in the near future, I'll turn my attention back to my first novel, THE REFLECTING STONE, and do a rewrite of it. The first 3 chapters were very solid, so I may limit the rewrite to chapters 4-12, or I may just go ahead and do a complete rewrite. Either way, it needs work to bring it into a form that I can simply edit. The second half in particular is loose. I imagine I'll spend up to 8 weeks on the rewrite, but will try to get it done in 4-6 weeks.

After that . . . well, I hope to edit and polish that first novel and then start sending it out! And then . . . rewrite the second novel, THE ISLE!

So much to do, but I am enjoying it and do sense finally that I am getting near some tangible results. They're coming. Down the road a ways, but they're coming.

Best wishes to all aspiring writers,


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