Thursday, March 01, 2007


Due to the "other things" that came up, I only wrote 1k words the other night, then was very tired and only managed 5k last night (I haven't been getting enough sleep for days and days now). So, I'm only up 6k after two more days.

That's okay!

The important thing is to keep at it. I hope to get some more written tonight. I'm well into the second half of Act II now and a few new plot ideas have come up that are helping me keep on track with the main series of events. Things are pulling together and tightening toward the turning point at the end of this act that will thrust the characters forward into the third act.

Still enjoying spending my winter on THE ISLE! It's nice to have a story like this to work on during the winter months.

Best wishes finding the path through the jungle,



Wynn Bexton said...

Good for you. I've been staying in a lot too, writing and editing.

I tried the monster name. Mine was the dragon. But I can never figure out how to do those http://codes in order to transfer it to my website. (That's why I still haven't figured out how to put links on my pages too!) Not too computer savvy.

Adrian Swift said...

When the site gives you your finished image, below it is a little box with the code in it. I just put the cursor in there, hit CTL-A (hold down the CONTROL key and hit the letter A), which blocks all that code text ("block all"), then hit CTL-C ("copy"), then went to the blog site and put the cursor in the box where I type a blog entry, and hit CTL-V ("paste") and the text appeared there. I didn't have to do anything with the code, just put it there and it did its own thing.

Hope that helps!

The links thing is a little more complicated, but I can try to help you with that, too, if you want to try.

It's nice to see progress in the writing, that's for sure. Winter is a great time to write.

RomanceWriter said...

Only 5 k? Man, that is amazing. 5k is more than respectable. Your output wows me.