Monday, April 24, 2006

Reworking Outline of Final Chapters

Due to the sudden inspiration that overtook me in Chapter 8, I am taking a short time to rework the outline for the remaining chapters. I like this new direction and want to make it work. Based on it, I wrote the final chapter today (Chapter 12), albeit in very short, condensed form. I'll reflect on it, and may well keep the gist of it. It's a good ending, I think, after having considered several others over time. I have also made a preliminary list of scenes for the intervening chapters (how to bridge between Chapter 8 and Chapter 12), basically following the same idea I had before for Act III (Ch. 10, 11, 12) but with some significant new twists. The major question is whether I need to redistribute some of the action in Chapter 8, reworking Act II B (Ch. 7, 8, 9) so that the action flows better through those three chapters.

I hope to finish this work this evening, and also get back into the writing tonight as well. But, before I return to writing, I have make sure I know what it is I'm trying to write, and this has changed somewhat due to the new developments in Chapter 8.

Yesterday I worked on an outline for another novel that I've worked on for some years, a story that is near and dear to my heart. I had previously written and polished about 30,000 words of it, but have never managed to finish it, partly because of plotting issues I have (and which I've been overcoming as I work on my current novel). I managed to use my new table to work out goals / complications / resolutions for 36 chapters, an expanded version of my current way of outlining three acts distributed over 12 chapters. It worked well. I like what I can do now with plotting and will apply what I've been practicing as I continue reworking my current outline this evening. I'm thinking of setting up a web site for FTP downloads to share my tables with anyone who might care to use them. They're sure helping me.



Anonymous said...

Dear Adrian,

I am Suresh Nair, a writer from India. I am closely following your blog and find it very interesting and inspiring.

I have notes about the first novel that I intend to write. There are character sketches etc. but I haven't started working on the draft and it's years since I conceived the idea. I admire your ability to work on multiple novels at the same time.

Could you let us know something more about your writing career? What has been your past experience with writing. Any published pieces?

Keep up the good work.


Devon Ellington said...

Way to go, Adrian!

You've cracked one of the most important parts of writing a novel -- flexibility. You have an outline, but you're also letting your creativity take flight.


Athildur said...

Go Adrian!

Be sure to reserve a signed copy for me ;).

I wish I had the proper circumstances to write at the speed you are. *sigh*

Ah well, you just keep on going and make something great!