Tuesday, April 18, 2006

CURRENT PROGRESS (Updated Weekly -- Usually on Sundays!)


Recent Goal: Chapter 8
Present Progress: Chapter 8 --> GOAL REACHED!

Word count for Chapter 8 is low, only 6552, instead of 10,000. It is a rough first draft, but when I rewrite later and flesh it out, it will "fill out" nicely. I wrote rather condensed and progressed too quickly, on a rush of new ideas, and did not draw out the description and dramatization as much as I need to, but that's what rewrites and editing are for. Significant new plot advances came up by inspiration and allow tie-in to existing outline, satisfying its requirements on a core level while radically altering some of the planning I had done for scenes. Result is much more exciting than what I had planned, and it connects with larger plot arcs and will make for a fascinating reversal in Act III. So, I deviated from the plan, but the results are worth keeping, even though I now face substantial editing later for this material in Chapter 8, but I'm not worried about it. It's very visual and exciting. I won't stop now for it but will move on!

New Goal: Chapter 9
Deadline: Sunday, April 23

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Susan Flemming said...

Congratulations on reaching your next goal. I like the idea you have of using graphs to chart your progress.

And I found it interesting that you are finished Chapter eight and at the 3/4 mark towards your goal of 120,000. I've just completed Chapter eight of my novel and that lands at the end of Act I (or the quarter way through mark). It always amazes me how very differently each writer approaches their work.