Friday, April 14, 2006

Crossing the 80,000-Word Mark!

I'm still in the middle of Chapter 8 but I did have a good night of writing on Thursday, and crossed the 80,000-word mark! That's TERRIFIC!!! The farthest I've ever gotten before on a novel, in over a decade of working at it, is about 30,000 words, although some of them have been really awesome words, but never enough to finish! My growth this past year in PLOTTING a novel has done wonders for me!

I have an upcoming vacation and many other things going on this weekend and coming week, so it'll be hard, but I'm really going to do my best to keep on schedule. I have until Sunday evening to finish the other half of Chapter 8, about another 5,000 words....


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Devon Ellington said...

Excellent work!

Even on vacation, if you just find 15 minutes a day to sit quietly and do notes or even do a kind of meditative "think" you'll be amazed at your progress.