Sunday, October 07, 2007


Jasper: 3 Chapters, 7,444 Words.

For some reason, putting a numerical value on my progress with the "Jasper" story is like rating a sexual encounter while still in the middle of it.

"Would you rate that as a 10?"

"I was thinking of a "9".


How can you put a measure on true love?

The story is moving along well, the honeymoon phase still in full swing. I'm now 1/8 of the way through the story, with a goal of about 60,000 words. I want this one to be shorter, simpler, funner, for me and the reader. So far, so good. If this continues, I'll finish the complete manuscript within a month. Based on what's already written, it might need only minor editing and then I'll have a finished product. That would be cool.

The next few chapters will tell me whether this ease of writing will continue or whether I'll end up needing to stop and plan things out in detail, something I was hoping to avoid. I'm trying to use my new internalized sense of storytelling. It's an experiment, a risk, but one I think I'm up to.

Yes, I'm game. Just gotta keep the flow going. Stay in the mood. Feel the story, let my instincts lead me naturally toward the inevitable climax.

The challenge is on....


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