Saturday, October 06, 2007


I began work recently on a new novel which could be part of a new series. It focuses on -- well, I updated my web site with news about it, so you can read about it there in the WIP'S Section. Look for the keyword "Jasper".

It's interesting how well this new story is coming together, how tightly the first two chapters are written. Clearly I've learned a lot through my work on THE REFLECTING STONE and THE ISLE OF THE DEMIGODS. I've internalized a lot of the writing process at this point, which I was hoping would happen. I'm thinking in story terms, rather than abstract ideas. I don't have to struggle to put it all together anymore -- I readily see what the pieces are, where they belong.

I'll keep working on the new story even as I continue work on my other two WIP's.

This past week I re-read the entire second draft of THE REFLECTING STONE and gained a lot of new insights into the story and what it needs at this point. It felt very good seeing real progress in my work over time. I produced about 10,000 words in new notes for the STONE/ISLE series, and found answers to a LOT of the questions that still linger. I'm almost finished with that planning. Once I can tie down the last few questions, I'll be ready to launch the THIRD COMPLETE DRAFT of THE REFLECTING STONE. I had commented previously that I wasn't sure whether to rewrite all or parts (about half). Some of it is very solid. However, I think it would be worthwhile to make another complete draft, to further grow the story and draw out the details in the scenes. Also, I'm still in search of the exact tone and style for the prose (something which is no struggle at all for the new Jasper Series).

The new novel ("Jasper") currently stands at about 4,700 words, written in two days, chapters 1 and 2.

Altogether, I re-read an entire draft and produced about 15k words of new material last week. Not bad for my first week back at work!

Wishing others well with their WIP's,



Wynn Bexton said...

I'm always amazed at you writers who are working on more than one novel at a time! I've got my half done Celtic story waiting but don't dare to pull it out until I get Shadow finished. I do, however, occasionally take a break from Shadow to write travel articles t hough lately I'm trying to only focus on the novel and get it finished!

RomanceWriter said...

15K is damn great. Congrats!

Adrian Swift said...

Thanks, Romancewriter! It's good to be back at work.

Wynn, I am amazed at writers who can actually FINISH something! At least I can now finish complete drafts (I've written three of them by now). I have yet to produce a final version of THE REFLECTING STONE due to its complexity.

While working on that, I had a sudden inspiration for another, shorter, fun story and I'm just taking the ball and running with it. I anticipate finishing the first draft of the "Jasper" story within a month, and with minor editing it might well be ready to send out. It's practically writing itself!

Good luck to each of you with your WIP's!