Tuesday, October 23, 2007

JASPER: 18,560

I finished editing chapters 1-6 and then I took chapters 7-8 and put them in an outtakes file. That's why the word count fell ... the other few thousand words have been sidelined. I'll rewrite those chapters, using the basic ideas I already came up with, but reworking them to fit better now that I've done all the editing on the other chapters.

I shared the first two chapters with a reader and there was an enthusiastic response, with two words in particular to describe the story: "interesting" and "well-written". That's encouraging!

So, I'm pretty well there now, finished with the review and revision and ready to plow on ahead with new material. I'll be getting to work on that tonight.

BTW, visit Wynn's blog this week for news on the writers' conference she attended!

Best wishes to all working on their novels,



Wynn Bexton said...

Hi Adrian, thanks for the little plug re the writer's conference. It was so excellent I just had to share some of the things I learned.

I know you and several other writers who keep track of how many pages they write each day. I have never done this but wonder if I should -- or how many words. Anyway, I'm moving along. Did a day's work again today and so far not too bad. I'm feeling quite 'empowered' since the conference.

Adrian Swift said...

Glad you had such a wonderful time. I've been suffering from internet connection problems and so I haven't been surfing the web so much -- I'm about to get a new ISP and faster connection. I'll be sure to stop over to your blog this weekend and catch up!

To count or not to count, that is the question.... ;-) Ultimately, of course, we each do whatever we feel works best for us. If you're productive without counting, who needs to count? If it helps you to keep your focus or set short-term writing goals, then maybe it's useful. I'd be interested to know if you try it, and how it goes for you.

Good luck with your writing! Wishing you much progress over the weekend!