Friday, October 19, 2007

JASPER: 23,196

The past week I edited the existing chapters, as planned. One chapter grew so long that I had to split it in half, meaning I now have 8 chapters instead of 7 chapters. I thought of just cutting stuff out to bring that one chapter back down to size, but I realized there were interesting and relevant things there that needed drawing out, so as I drew them out, I cut them off and made a separate chapter out of it.

The "darkness" that had me bothered last week is much more tolerable now. I added some lighter stuff in where I could to balance it out, and managed to keep the sense that something dark has happened but we're still in a fun story in spite of it. I especially enjoyed adding extra bits of dialog into a couple of scenes to draw out more of the humor between the characters. It's humor for humor's sake, and it was fun to work with. It also shows a little more of a glimpse into how these characters really would interact with each other, if we could watch them beyond the narrow focus of what's happening in this plot line. Adds a sense that they have lives beyond just the story.

I'm still trying to get these chapters just right so that I can then stop, refocus, and plow on ahead with new material. I look forward to writing a few more chapters all at once, like I did with these existing chapters. I have about a third of the novel already -- written in one week, edited in one week (plus...). I just need to wrap this up as best I can and push on as soon as I can.

I can say at this point that Chapters 1-5 are pretty much DONE, and Chapter 6 is nearly done, and then I still have to work more on Chapters 7-8. If I can get a lot of work done this weekend, I might be able to wrap this up, but I suspect it will take another week to accomplish this editing, and by mid-week or late next week I'll finally be able to break new ground again. That's fine. I really like the quality and nature of the stuff I'm producing.

I'll post again Saturday, hopefully, with more news.



Wynn Bexton said...

Good work Adriane. I've been busy volunteering at the Surrey Writers Conference all weekend and getting really inspired. But it's a bit exhausting too (mentally). I'll have lots to write about next week to share some of the interesting things I learned and people I introduced at workshops.

Wynn Bexton said...

Hello again. I was th inking of all you blog folks this weekend while I was at the Surrey Int. Writer's conference here, volunteering and sitting in on some excellent workshops. I'm going to post a blog tomorrow with some of the notes I took which may be helpful to all you writer friends. meanwhile, full of inspiration now and back to work on my own novel!

Adrian Swift said...

Thanks for stopping by, Wynn! I'll be sure to visit your blog this week and read about the conference! That sounds like a lot of fun and a great source for inspiration, and I can't wait to read about it!

Wishing you good progress as you get back to work on your novel!