Sunday, March 16, 2008

Working Hard ... On Other Things!

I've been working very hard since my last posting, but not on my writing! I did a little more with it, but I've been very preoccupied with two other projects that have been long in coming, and much expected. The timing seems to work for them. Perhaps because they are providing me with a thorough distraction from my writing. In any event, I am working very hard again with my creative time, just not on my story. Perhaps this is good in that at least I am back to hard work, and momentum, etc. This will carry back to the story once these other projects get to a point where I need to slow the pace. I think this hard work will stimulate me to continue the flow of hard work once my creative energies cycle around again to writing. I've been trying, and it's on-again, off-again. Perhaps I realize I'm getting closer now to an actual finished product (manuscript), and that scares me.... I must have some reason to work so hard at avoiding my story! I had other distractions, but at this point I should be hard at work on it.

I won't worry about it, though. I am happy to be working hard, and I think my theory is a good one -- this hard work will pay off by putting me firmly back in hard-work mode, and as soon as I get back to the story in earnest, I'll already have the pace and momentum of hard work to carry me along. Now, I just need the focus, when I'm ready for it. In the meantime, these other two projects are incredibly satisfying to be working on. They're not writing projects, but they are creative projects that are very engrossing and exciting to me.

I love being vague, if that's not clear enough already.

Wishing everyone else the progress on their novels that I should be making on mine, and I'll catch up before long, really,



Scott Marlowe said...

Same here--I spent the weekend pouring my creativity into fixing the grading on one side of our house, fixing the home network (which I screwed up all by myself--it's obviously working now), and doing the taxes.

I got a little bit of writing done, but not much.

Scotty said...

I am sometimes amazed at how far you can go on about vague matters--don't you know the best storytellers use situations and examples to best make their point known?!

Don't mind me, I'm just curious . .

Adrian Swift said...

Mr. Marlowe, nice hearing from you! Glad your network is working again. My projects are not necessarily as practical as the ones you mentioned, more on the creative side, just not writing. Sometimes doing other things though is very helpful, prepares us so we are eager and ready to write when we finally sit down to write.

Scott, hahaha! Wow! What a great idea! You mean I could actually fill a story with specific instances of things? Hahahaha!

(Scott M -- I think I just let slip the nature of one of my projects!)