Saturday, March 01, 2008

Making Progress

Thanks to those who shared their comments to my last posting. I do appreciate your kind words of support.

It has felt like the doldrums, where sailors loathe to sail, that place where you have your sails at the ready yet no wind rises to greet them. Patience is the key. Eventually the currents themselves will cause you to drift to a better place, a place where there is a breeze, and before long that breeze will lead you to better seas and stronger winds.

I have not worked on my writing nearly as much as I had intended, but I have kept it in mind, and have spent the time whenever I could manage it. I am still editing JACK & JILL and the results are positive. The first half of the novel now reads very smoothly and is nearly finished, except for any minor polishing that may yet occur to me. I feel much more confident about the story overall, and just need to press on to complete this work, which with any reasonable effort could well be done in 2-3 weeks.

I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel where this difficult time is concerned. I'm feeling a little traction, and a sense of hope again that I'll actually get fully back into the swing of things. It just takes me time sometimes to rebuild that focus which is so essential to my work: the more utterly it's lost, the more effort it takes to recapture it. I'm making progress and the editing work continues. I'm beginning to feel the joy again, and the excitement, associated with my writing. I want to cultivate these feelings and others which will lead me back into the swifter currents. The breezes are tugging at my sails even now.

To help things along I've been reading and researching, finding much enjoyment and food for thought.

Wishing us all progress and satisfaction with our work,



Scott Marlowe said...

Keep going with it, Adrian. There's bound to be light at the end of the tunnel.

writerwoman said...

I have awarded you an e for excellence award you can read details at

Sara from aspiring romance writer.

Adrian Swift said...

Thanks Scott and Writerwoman for sharing your comments and encouragement. Thanks for the award, too! That surely perks me up!