Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Excellence Award

Something unexpected and very pleasant came my way. Writerwoman has bestowed my blog, Chronicling the Novel, with the following auspicious award:

Thanks, Writerwoman! That really made my day. Since good news is best shared, I'm supposed to nominate others to receive this award. The actual number I'm supposed to nominate is higher, but I'll shorten it to only three, which makes it more special. Here are three blogs of excellence, focusing on other aspiring writers:

Living the Writer's Life

The Lost Fort


Congratulations one and all!



Wynn Bexton said...

Wow! Thanks for the award, Pal!
How's things going with your writing?
I've been waylaid by editing for my classes and website but hoping to return to Shadow some time this weekend.

Adrian Swift said...

You're quite welcome, Wynn! I am very impressed by your work and your blog is a reflection of that work.

I'm now in Chapter 12, which means I'm making steady progress in the editing. Sure enough, this section is now requiring actual rewriting. Luckily I am not changing the plot, just the way I am presenting the unfolding of events to the Reader. The events remain the same, the focus needs narrowing and tightening.

I'm not sure if this will continue this way to the end of the book or if I'll be able to get back to regular editing mode again -- the rewriting does take more time and effort, but it is going smoothly enough.

Good luck with your own editing!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you, Adrian! That is cool! Good to know you're back at the novel and making progress.

And thank you for nominating pendrifter. A nice surprise for me! d:)

Adrian Swift said...

You're very welcome, Dayya! Your blog has always been one that inspires me. I can relate to the constant struggles, and the feeling of satisfaction when things come together. I love the artwork you share, and the general look and tone of your blog are always refreshing and uplifting. Thanks for blogging!