Thursday, November 29, 2007

45k on Nano 2007....

Yes, it's the final countdown, the final few days. I'm almost there and will likely finish it tonight, or else tomorrow, at least a little ahead of the November 30th midnight deadline.

The story, JACK & JILL: THE UNTOLD STORY, is turning out to be an amazing ride. It's only a first draft, and at times it feels to me like it's all over the place, but when I let it sit a while then read back over it, I find generally that it does make sense, is coherent, and very absorbing. It's certainly interesting.

I have no idea when this story is finished whether it'll be something to edit and polish to send out or not. I was thinking yes, but now with some of the things going on in the story, I really have to wonder. Still, I'm not writing it for commercial reasons but for the practice of it. If it has no commercial value, I may still eventually post it online for free because it is a very intriguing story and I think others would enjoy it, too. Even so, I won't give up on the possibility that this might be one to send out once polished. We'll see!

Wishing others success with their Nanovels,



Wynn Bexton said...

Well good luck to you on your novella writing. It amazes me how you writers can do this. I am also amazed at people that enter the 3-day novel writing contest they hold here every September. Such discipline!

Adrian Swift said...

Actually, it's only a novella if I only write so many words. Like a lot of others doing Nano, the word-count goal for November may be 50k to meet the Nano goal, but the story itself will run longer. Some of us spend time in December finishing the novels. I'm shooting for a minimum of 60k words, which is enough for a shorter novel.