Sunday, May 13, 2007

Developing New Web Site

I have started developing the new web site that I have been wanting to put together for some time now. I started on Thursday night, and over the past few days have made some very satisfying progress. I'm eager to launch the new site, but don't want to rush it; I should continue to develop it and prepare content for it, so that enough of the new site is ready to make it worthwhile when it does launch.

I'll probably throw a Launch Party to celebrate and then invent a new "Launch Dance", some sort of jumping up and down with arms reaching out to symbolize how a new web site can reach out to the world . . . well, maybe I should leave the choreography to those actually skilled at that, but the idea of celebrating the launch of the new site, when it's ready to launch, is appealing.

I usually create web pages using Simple Text, writing out the actual HTML code myself--I like the challenge of it. I haven't done this in a while, so I've had to spend some time relearning HTML while also figuring out the site design and major sections for content. It's very creative work and a lot of fun.

Since I've become absorbed in this work, I haven't written anything more on OCCUPANT. That's okay. I'll get back to it soon. I've continued to explore ways to make OCCUPANT part of the ongoing series that starts with THE REFLECTING STONE. I found some new twists that would help raise it to the required epic fantasy level by the end of the story, but I also thought of other new twists that would simply make it a better story even if it's not made part of the series. As a stand-alone novel it would be interesting, and as part of the series it would be interesting. I'll continue to work with it and see which direction I like better.

Thanks to Gabriele for posting a recent comment about the idea of having novels share the same world even if the plots aren't directly linked. That was certainly interesting to think about and I'll continue to reflect on that.

Oh, by the way, the Mystery Project I worked on so hard back in the Fall will be linked to through the new web site, so I will also start working on that project again to finish it up and get it ready to launch. I guess that means another Launch Party. I won't complain.

Keeping my stories in mind where they continue to grow,



written voize said...

I can't wait to see your new web-site...

dayya said...

"...having novels share the same world even if the plots aren't directly linked."

That's what I'm doing with the Angharad books, of which A LAMENTATION OF SWANS is one.

Look forward to your new site. (By the way, I posted a congrats on your recent novel completion, but I think Blogger ate it.) d:)

KATE EVANS said...

I like the idea of novels sharing the same world. I've done that with a series of short stories--some of the locations and characters are the same, but the connections are subtle.

Adrian Swift said...

I really appreciate it when visitors to my blog leave comments. Thanks to each of you.

This notion of novels sharing a world yet not directly related in plot is certainly intriguing, a concept I never really devoted any time to exploring before. It doesn't work for the series I'm doing now, in that it is important that each of those novels contribute to the overall development of the epic storyline. However, I continue to reflect on this concept and will see whether I can use it for future projects. Thanks for sharing your comments on it.

The new site is a lot of fun to work on. It's going to be simple (easy to navigate), but at the same time it'll have a distinctive look, tone and "take" on things. It should be fun and interesting (I hope!) for those who visit.

Back to work . . . .

Gabriele C. said...

But if you have an epic storyline that connects your books, then you have a trilogy or series aka Song of Ice and Fire, except that you seem to dedicate a book each to every plot line instead of interweaving them over several books.

It's tricky because there must be plot points common to all books seen from different angles, and that could bore the reader if not done with care. It's a bit like the way I connect The Charioteer and Endangered Frontiers - I wanted to write a third novel about the Burgundians in that world but realised it would have too much in common with the Visigoth one (EF), and I was afraid that fe. telling the same battle once from the POV of the Goths and then from the POV of the Burgundians in another book would bore the reader. Especially since I use omniscient POV anyway.

Good luck!

Susan Flemming said...

I was excited to read that you are working on your website. You've got so much valuable information to share and I'm looking forward to when you launch it.

Adrian Swift said...

Thanks, Susan, for stopping by and for your comments! Nice hearing from you.

Yes, I'm hard at work on the web site, so no other news to share right now. The web site is coming along. I'm taking the time to be thorough, it seems my curse. I'm exploring a few different "looks" or styles for the site, not only visually but also in terms of perspective or presentation. I'm developing the content and making progress step by step.

I know I need another week at least to get it more or less up and running, ready for launch. I'll post about it as the launch approaches.

This project is really cool. I haven't made a web site in years, and I'm having a lot of fun with it.

Another cool thing I've gotten into, finally, is making covers for my novels. I've seen where many other aspiring writers do that, and also those about to be published will share several possible covers on their web sites and ask for feedback before choosing one with their publisher.

I finally figured out which of my computer programs can be used to make cover art properly: MS Publisher. It allows me to use the Word Art function to create "transparent" text that will sit over an image without a background behind the text.

I've come up with about 20 possible covers already for my second novel, THE ISLE. I'm going to town with it! I can't think of what to do for the first novel, but I'll keep an eye out for images that would work. I got a big new clip art collection that includes high-quality photographs, and it's a lot of fun exploring that, both for the cover art and also for the web site.

Wishing everyone a happy and productive week ahead with their writing and other projects!


Adrian Swift said...

Gabriele -- I've been wanting to respond to your recent posting for several days now, but with the web site work I'm too distracted to focus on that properly.

You made some fascinating points there and I'll follow up after I get the web site done, when I get back to the novel and the series.

I'm thinking about your posting, and the comments from others, and am continuing to develop my ideas for the series. It's a lot of fun brainstorming ideas for the series. I have the basic framework, but there is lots left to pin down in the details over the successive volumes.

Anyway, more on that soon, maybe after this coming week.

Danke nochmals!
(Thanks again!)