Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Chapter 6, 18k

Only writing about one chapter per night right now. I find I'm quite tired when I sit down to write. Must be fatigue from last week's mad dash. So, I'm taking it easy and trying to rest a bit. I really wore myself out last week. Also, whenever I start a new draft, it seems it's always slow going for me no matter what. I think this is because I just have to work with the story to find the right voice or style, and the heart of it, the core of the story out of which springs so much emotion, and that drives all the rest of the stuff in it. I think I found that for this story finally in Chapter 6, although it's still a developing sense.

Today I most regrettably had the first insight into how this novel, too, could be adapted to fit my ongoing series that starts with THE REFLECTING STONE. I am intrigued by the idea of tying many different stories together. That is the intention for that series, although I won't say exactly why or how things should tie together. There is an epic fantasy level to it, but then there is also the nitty-gritty specific level of each individual story. In a way, the individual stories, as different as they are, shed light on different aspects of larger ideas, which then are further explored and brought together on the over-arching epic level. Nuff said. So, I'm not sure yet whether I'll actually use this story in that context. It can perfectly well stand alone, but elevating it to the next level brings out some intriguing ideas, takes things even farther than they go otherwise as I develop the themes throughout the story. This is what I ended up doing with THE ISLE and I LOVE the results. We'll see what happens. Even if I don't use this story, I am always on the lookout for other stories that can fit that series.

I am dabbling a bit right now in developing the new web site. I don't know when that'll be done, but I think I am ready to start work on it. There is more I want to do and a new and expanded site would enable me to do that. Time to grow!

Wishing everyone success in cultivating their creativity,



Gabriele C. said...

I like to have several books by an author connected in some way. Like Guy Gavriel Kay's alternate world with magic and two moons - several of his books share just some features that connect them, though they are standalones, too (Tigana, Arbonne, Sarantium, Lions of Al Rassan, Last Light of the Sun).

Historical fiction lends itself to connected books because history is connected. The Charioteer and Endangered Frontiers take place at the same time and share some minor characters, and A Land Unconquered, Eagle of the Sea and Caledonia Defiant together span about 100 years in a Germania/Britain setting, so I can make characters descendants of characters from other books and build something that can be read as trilogy, but where each book is a standalone (contrary to true trilogies like fe. Cornwell's Warlord and Grail books).

Good luck connecting your world. :)

Benjamin Solah said...

Still pushing along, I see.

By the way, I tagged you.

Adrian Swift said...


thanks for sharing your comments. I see that third possibility. Instead of either "not connected" or "fully connected as a continuation in a series", there is also the possibility as you mentioned of having a story share the same world, but not necessarily be connected plot-wise.

Stand-alone novels can share worlds! Wow! What a concept! I never really thought about that. I see how this would work very well with historical fiction, as you mentioned, and that concept can be applied to fictional worlds as well.


Adrian Swift said...


thanks for thinking of including me in the new meme, but I usually don't take part in them. I thought the THINKING BLOGGER AWARD was very worthwhile and so I made an exception for that because it fed in directly to the writing focus of my blog and the idea of recognizing people for their quality work (and your blog and site certainly deserve recognition). Perhaps there is another blogger who would be game that you could tag instead of me. Thanks anyway!


Adrian Swift said...

Just discovered that Wynn tagged me, too, for the same meme. My goodness gracious, I don't wish to appear ungrateful by refusing to take part!

RomanceWriter said...

One chapter a night sounds like great progress to me! You amaze me with how much writing you get done.

Adrian Swift said...

Thanks, Romance Writer! Sometimes it feels I don't make enough progress. It's been a year and a half and my novel is still not done, in spite of all my work. I'm hoping this next go-round will get it close. I want it done this summer, so I can start sending it around within a few months and get on to the next one.

Thanks for stopping by and best wishes for your own writing!