Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Chapter 37, 104k

Moving right along. Exploring some of the heavy-duty metaphysical stuff right now, so what I'm writing is coming across more as rough first draft stuff than has otherwise been the case. Back to lengthy conversations, not good if you want action, but there's plenty of action throughout, and the questions raised have to be answered sometime. I can work this into a usable form, just need to edit or rewrite it to pare it down. It is showing me the real conflicts, the real nature of the conflicts. I'm finally seeing in the writing the stuff that I knew was there all along but which I hadn't been able to bring out before. It'll need major work, this part of the story, but at least it's coming along. Making good progress.

Another couple of days and this draft will be finished. I am still not sure how it'll look once it's done. Will have to wait and see. Am very, very curious about it.

Enjoy the Spring, it's here now,


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