Friday, November 19, 2010

Golly Gee!

It just kinda figures, don't it? I get myself all organized to start my editing work, and up come a few other things that are totally un-writing-related! And of course those other things are quite pressing! So, I'll have to hold off a week or two (or three) before I get down to work on my new writing goals because I need this time for those other projects.

That said, I did manage to complete the essential planning notes this past week for WIP B, and I did happen to edit 5 of the 80 chapters of WIP A. I'll still fit some work in here or there over the next week or two (or three), but I won't worry about specific productivity goals because I really won't have the time to devote to them.

When I am ready to start work on my new writing goals, I'll reset the deadlines as appropriate.

Wishing Nanoers all the best as they near the final week,


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Wynn Bexton said...

Hi Adrian, I'm trying to get back into the loop again and start blogging more frequently as well as reading other blogger friend's blogs. I have only a teeny bit more of the novel to do and the reviews/critiques/edits I got from the person doing a reader's critique (so far the first 2 parts) were so encouraging I am really feeling inspired!