Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spinning Wheels, Keeping At It

Hard to believe it's been so long since my last posting! It feels like I posted only a week ago. Time flies sometimes! I've been working at the present juncture in the story, where the plot transitions from the initial set-up to the middle of the book. I write, take it out, write it again, edit it, take it out, try again, over and over. I'm back in Chapter 7 and the word count is around 22k. I have several thousand words set aside from earlier progress that I can still draw from once I get past this juncture, but I have yet to feel I've got this part of the story "right".

Spending too much time in this one place is a sign I should just move on. I've been spinning my wheels and while things are better now, I'm losing momentum. I'm going to push on and let it stand as is, with its imperfections, and come back to it later for editing. I may just go ahead and break with the "3 steps forward, 2 steps back" approach that's been working so well up to now. I may just go ahead and blaze on through the rest of the story, to get it finished. I estimate another 40k to 45k words, maybe a little more. I want this to be a shorter novel, definitely no more than 70k. Momentum is important, and I've slowed this too much and am afraid I'll just set it aside if things don't get moving again. The story is still great, but I'm getting bored from too much repetition. I have to nurse myself along as well as the story.

One sign this is the case is I'm already dreaming about my next story. Boredom! Yet this present story is anything but boring. So, speed is now essential! I'll give myself permission to race ahead. After all, I can always go back. And back. And back.

By the way, Spring weather is arriving early. It's very much appreciated, but it leads to Spring Fever, which I want to avoid! Must finish manuscript, must finish manuscript! I will hold on and get this to completion -- I've seized the bull by the horns and I won't let go until this is ready to go out the door in whatever way I'm sending it out (just not to the garbage can).

Oh, and I've got a few ideas about what to do with it once it's done!

Keep on Writin',


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