Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Look

With Spring just a week away, I thought it was high time for a new look! For my blog, that is! I've lightened the page, inverted the colors (go figure), and decided to introduce images to help brighten things up a bit. I had to repost the last posting ("Spinning Wheels") a few times in order to make adjustments and get things situated right. At least now I know how to add the image and keep things aligned properly.

I think I also want to do something a little different with the content. My blog has gotten really BORING of late -- it bores me, too -- and that means I need to pep things up a little. I don't want to spend too much time blogging since I need the time for my writing, but I will try to find something at least mildly interesting to write about. This blog serves primarily as a way for me to keep myself motivated and focused, to keep on track over the long haul. However, I also have also used it to explore various aspects of the novel-writing process, and to share with my readers what I've learned along the way as I struggle to become a published author. I think I'll get back to the process comments, which were generally more interesting, and try to keep them on an even keel with the progress comments.

That's all for now, but I'll be back soon -- hopefully posting at least once a week again!



Friko said...

Good luck with future blogging, Adrian.

Adrian Swift said...

Thank you, Friko! It's terrific that you dropped by.

Debra Young said...

Love the images! Good job! I too felt bored with mine and am much happier with the change. Change is good! I like those lead lines on your bloglist--how's that done? May the Muse be at your beck and call...d:)

Adrian Swift said...

Thanks, Debra!

Your blog has certainly been an inspiration to me! It's truly beautiful.

Blogger has an option on the page template set-up to include a blog list and select from several options of what to show and in what order the blogs should appear (by most recently updated, or alphabetically, etc.).

I chose to include how long ago the blogs were updated and the title of the most recent post. It's also possible to include a brief excerpt from the beginning of the blog posts, or a thumbnail image of the most recent post. I didn't program it -- I just clicked the check boxes on the Blogger form to set that up.

Thanks for stopping by! Now, to summon that muse . . . .