Monday, March 30, 2009

Truly Fascinating Posting!

Okay, so I'm still not ready to share the really interesting news, but I will soon, I promise!

In the meantime, check out this TRULY FASCINATING posting by K. Hurley. I have to say, honestly, it's one of the most fascinating postings I've ever read on any blog. It really challenged me creatively. That, or I'm just a really challenged individual creatively. You decide. Check it out here.



Benjamin Solah said...

You're right. That post really stretched the realms of imagination and truly discussed something new.

I'm curious though that you didn't comment. I ask more to understand people's reading and commenting habits, but do you often read and enjoy a post without commenting?

Adrian Swift said...

Thanks for sharing your comment, Benjamin!

Sometimes I read without posting a comment. It depends on whether I have anything to say about the posting, either something to add to the discussion, or a reaction or comment to share. Some postings are interesting but not really in my sphere, so to speak (in the range of topics I'm used to commenting on), so I don't feel I have anything to add to them, or don't know as much about the topic as the one who blogged about it. If I have something to add, or a strong reaction, or wish to offer encouragement, I do try to post a comment.

I tried to comment on K. Hurley's blog, but sometimes Blogger doesn't show me the letters I'm supposed to type in to verify I'm a human and not a computer, if you know what I mean. Usually I can comment on her blog, but for whatever reason Blogger asked me to enter letters and yet it didn't show me any letters. They're doing a beta version of a new Blogger, and it's been in development for a long time it seems, many months, and the technical problem seems to do with that, with some conflict between the new Blogger and the old Blogger -- both types of blogs are on the net in great numbers. Eventually they'll get it worked out. This glitch often affects me when I try to comment on Wynn Bexton's blog as well.

If I could have commented, I would have told Kathy what a fascinating posting it was and would have thanked her for sharing it. It really made me think! Glad you enjoyed it, too.

By the way, if you haven't already, you might check out the prologue to my novel, JACK & JILL: THE UNTOLD STORY, which is on my excerpts blog, Adrian's Fix. It might be of interest to you. Good for a laugh, hopefully.

Happy writing,


KHurley said...

Gotcha, Adrian! Thanks for the kudos, and here's plenty of good thoughts sent in your direction!