Monday, March 23, 2009

Biggest Single Day of Writing Ever!

Let me start this posting by saying that the interesting news I mentioned in the last posting is not contained in this posting! Nonetheless, this posting still has some interesting news of is own.

First, this weekend I had my biggest single day of writing ever! My previous record, as far as I remember, was 9,000 words in one day. I might have reached higher than that, but I don't recall (it's somewhere in my previous postings). This time, I produced over 21,000 words in one long day of writing! It took about 12 hours, with a number of breaks and two meals along the way, so the actual writing time was less. I didn't keep track of that because I wasn't setting out to break a record. I'll estimate around 9 hours of actual writing time, but that's a guess. Of course, the prose is rough-draft quality, but some portions of it were very succinct and powerful.

Second, with these additional words, I just completed the first draft of my new novel, which I'm calling INTERIM here. It's the unexpected novel that popped up, meant to bridge the gap between the editing of the JASPER novel and beginning my more ambitious CHASM novel.

So, as I've mentioned, yes, I have been busy, just not with blogging!

Now, I need to get busy and prepare the posting about that interesting news I promised! It's coming soon....

Best wishes for breaking your own one-day word-count records,



Benjamin Solah said...

Wow, far out!

I think conratulations in order.

I think the closest I ever got was 5,000 words during one all-nighter but that was about it.

Adrian Swift said...

Thanks, Benjamin! It's always nice hearing from you.

I sure didn't set out to write that many words in one day. It just happened, and since it was working, I went with it. 5,000 words are a lot, too, in one day.

Knowing your story, a sense of where it's leading you, an excitement about discovering the detail of it as you go, a real focus on it, being wrapped up in it, all help contribute to those highly-productive writing sessions, at least for me.

Best wishes for your writing,