Tuesday, July 24, 2007

PWP Chapter Descriptions Updated

I've been working at a slower pace, enjoying the beautiful summer weather. Summer tends to be my least-productive season, and I'm willing to accept that. I'm still diligently working on other projects, but my writing projects have slowed noticeably.

I appreciate the feedback that Susan and Suresh provided regarding the chapter descriptions for the hypothetical novel for the PWP. I incorporated their feedback and added another new twist, revising the descriptions. I have put them online for Susan and Suresh to review at their convenience.

Presently I'm working (still) on the actual challenges, and hope to have them done this week, since I didn't finish them last week.

I continue to reflect on my novel, and its sequel. I'll be getting back to work on the final push for the completion of THE REFLECTING STONE as soon as I'm ready to buckle down again. Right now, the summer beckons....



Wynn Bexton said...

Fortunately for me it rained for a solid week here so I managed to get quite a lot done. Now the sun is out and summer is back. But the city is on strike so the pools are closed. I hope to get to the beach though. Can't waste the summer, can we?

RomanceWriter said...

I find it much harder to concentrate in summer. Before it starts I figure I will get a lot accomplished but their is always so much to do with family at this time of year.

I look forward to hearing how your novel progresses throughout the Fall. You inspire me.

Susan Flemming said...

It's blazing hot here. And even with air conditioning going... most days... the last thing I want to do is sit at the computer.

I've had to start a new "incentive" type strategy. For every 5,000 words I write... I reward myself with a small indulgence. And as added incentive... I'm posting a progress bar on my blog.

I guess we'll all have to really knuckle down once September rolls around though.